Friday, May 6, 2011

Salvation for Brushes - Restore Brushes with Alcohol - Remove Acrylic Paint

If you have ever forgotten to put a brush in water while painting with acrylic paint or gesso or clean a brush after painting with acrylic this tip is for you. Soak the brush in denatured alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol for three days in a cup. Wear protective gloves if skin is sensitive.

The alcohol will dissolve the plastic paint or gesso.

After three days you will be able to rub the softened acrylic paint from the brush hairs. If this does not remove all of the paint, soak for another three days. Remove the soft paint. Wash with lukewarm water and soap. Rotate brush in the palm of your hand and scrub till clean. Leave a bit of soap in the brush and point or shape the hairs. Leave overnight and wash again. Good as new!