Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tip on Da Vinci EncauSticks

Developed specifically for watermedia artists, Da Vinci's professional-quality EncauSticks watercolor sticks are ideal for use as watersoluble crayons — or for melting and applying to your media to create waxy textures. EncauSticks are highly pigmented using the same reliable pigments found in Da Vinci Artists' Watercolors.
To use in melted form, simply melt the flat end of the stick and apply it to your media to achieve texture while maintaining the ability to create washes with water. Use the sharpened tip to draw dry, or dip it in water for wet drawing ability. Go over any applied color with water to create watercolor-like effects.
Da Vinci EncauSticks are easy to use, excellent for mixed watermedia, and a great value.
Individual watercolor sticks measure 3" long × ½" diameter (76 mm × 13 mm).
™ Da Vinci is a trademark of the Da Vinci Paints Company.