Monday, May 30, 2011

Tools for Detail Work in Encaustic Painting

In my last post I described a method of connecting a pen point to a wood-burning tool with a regulator that reduces the heat so that you can work with wax. Here is another easy way to do this.

In my wood-burning tool accessories is a chuck that fits the tool and allows me to use X-Acto knife blades by inserting a blade in the chuck holder and turning the chuck until it tightens up on the blade.

Wait a minute! What if I take some pliers or a vise and flatten the curved end of a pen point that goes into a pen holder? Now the flattened end slides into the chuck holder just like the knife blade.

Likewise, this may be done with lino cut tools that have a curved end to fit in a handle. The little well just beyond the cutting point holds wax which may be poured from the curved tip or V tip of these tools.

These could also be clipped with a Bull dog clip to the wire brush tool or cut a nail ( Use a hack saw or Dremel cut off tool and safety glasses!)  the same diameter as the brush tool and an appropriate length and clip the lino cutting tool to the nail just like we did in the last post on pen points.