Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tjanting Anyone?

The traditional Tjanting tool for Batik would be a delight to use to make flowing lines in hot wax.

Here is how I made mine. I found an old brass metal ballpoint pen. I cut off @ an inch with a hacksaw.

With a metal file I removed enough metal at the small round tip to make a 5/64 " hole.

Drill another hole 5/32 " @ 1/4 inch from the opening.

Cut off the head of a 5/32" screw leaving @ an inch.

Thread this 5/32" rod just into the side opening on the metal cone.

Cut the metal ball point pen cartridge so that it is @ 1 1/2". Insert this into the well of the cone.

Now, add the threaded rod to the wood burning tool with heat regulator mentioned in my earlier blogs.

Put some heated wax with a brush into the well of the cone and turn the heat on the iron until it is warm enough to keep the wax flowing.

To use, just push down until the tip of the ball point is pushed up from the hole in the cone and wax will flow until you raise the cone and the ball point tip falls back down to block the hole.

Here are some options for the cone:

Small metal cone pocket for flowers.

Brass cones for jewelry making.

Metal cake decorating cone tips.

Brass bullet shell casings:

Any of these can be adapted to make your own Tjanting.